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Empowering Ski Resort Workers for Safety and Productivity
Ski resorts, with their expansive terrains and varying weather conditions, can encounter several communication challenges. In this blog, we explore the potential communications challenges that ski resorts may encounter, and how the integration of Inrico Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios, coupled with iConvNet's sophisticated dispatch software, can revolutionize communication at ski resorts, ensuring safety, coordination, and operational excellence.

Communication Challenges For Ski Resorts

  1. Limited range in remote areas and interference from natural elements may distort or disrupt communication, affecting the clarity of message.
  2. Crowded frequencies can make it challenging for teams to convey critical information in a timely manner.
  3. Ski resorts face the inherent risk of accidents on the slopes. Communication challenges during emergencies, such as delayed response times or difficulty coordinating rescue efforts, can impact the effectiveness of emergency response teams.
  4. Ski resort operations extend across various slopes, and teams may become isolated from each other. Traditional radios might struggle to maintain communication between teams located on different slopes, affecting overall coordination.

Communication Solutions for Ski Resorts Using Inrico PoC Radios.

1. Get nationwide reach for your PTT communications using PoC radios.

The core feature of Inrico PoC radios is their ability to connect using the abundant cellular coverage you can find throughout the country. Cellular coverage is already abundant throughout all ski hills and resorts in Canada. This creates an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity it presents in being able to harness the power of PTT on the hills.

Alternatively, if you were to use traditional two way radios on ski hills, the range is limited to line-of-sight operations only, and will not extend beyond that no matter the type of two way radio you use, even with the high-powered models.

Choose Inrico PoC radios when you need your team to harness the power of push to talk everywhere on the ski resort - on the slopes, on the chair lifts, in the buildings.
2. Get instant connectivity with no interruptions.

PoC radios do not work like traditional two way radios. They use cellular connectivity, which is then facilitated through the power of apps that provide unique identities for each individual PoC radio ensuring your networks do not suffer interference in any way.

Alternatively, when using traditional two way radios, frequencies are broadcasted in the order that they were received, and when you have too many RF communications users concurrently accessing the same channel, it can get congested. With PoC radios, you can have an unlimited number of devices trying to reach the same channel, and it will never be overcrowded.

The app is where all the magic happens. In order to activate the power of PTT on your Inrico PoC radio without interruptions, you will have to use a PTT app. While any PTT app will work on Inrico PoC radios (like Zello), we recommend the use of iConvNet, Inrico-approved PTT app to get the full benefits of Inrico PoC radios. This app will enable you set-up new devices (even remotely). Users can then gain access to the same network without limits.
3. Get quick response to emergencies when needed

Inrico PoC radios are built with an SOS button, which you can push to instantly connect to help when needed, depending on your emergency plan. Once an emergency is occurring, you want to be able to get reliable access to help when needed.

Do all members of your staff really have reliable help when they need it? Can they reach for help without delays or faulty devices to blame? People in emergencies can get much-needed respite from hearing a voice on the other end of the radio. Choose Inrico PoC radios to deliver that peace of mind you need during emergencies.
4. Coordinate effectively! Get all Inrico software and apps to obtain its full benefits.

As explained in point #2 above, getting the best out of PoC radios will largely depend on their supporting apps and software. This is where all the magic happens. Businesses who innovate are successful, and PoC radios are currently at the zenith of innovative communication solutions.

Choose iConvNet, Inrico-approved PTT app for all Inrico PoC radios, as well as the dispatch software that enables effective and efficient management of your communications network. Contact us today to get started!

Recommended Inrico solutions for ski resorts

Inrico PoC radios come in various design options suitable for various business scenarios. However, we will be making recommendations based on the core communications needs of ski resort workers as follows:

  1. Instant unhindered push-to-talk (PTT) communications.
  2. GPS tracking features to locate every staff on the ski resort (especially great in the event of an SOS).
  3. Rugged portable PoC radios that can operate in very cold temperatures.
  4. Mobile PoC radio to be used as dispatch from a central base station.
  5. Mobile PoC radio to be used in work vehicles.
  6. 1-wire earpieces for all portable PoC radio device users to operate their radios conveniently.
  7. PTT app subscription for all PoC radios.
  8. Dispatch software subscription to manage all PoC radios from one central base station.

Based on the above needs, we recommend the use of our screenless options for ski resort communications, as well as the dispatch software and iConvNet PTT apps for all devices. See recommendations below:

Recommended product links will lead to, our authorized distributor, where you can conveniently buy online. However, you can also find an Inrico dealer in your area for purchases.

Inrico T522A

The T522A is rugged ( with an IP54 waterproof rating), screenless, capable of paring with a variety of convenient accessories, including speaker microphones, Bluetooth microphone, gang chargers. This PoC radio is also capable of operating in very low temperatures.

Discover T522A

Inrico IRC590

Inrico IRC590 is rugged (with an IP68 rating), and comes with a small informative display that can be flipped as needed; also capable of paring with a variety of convenient accessories, as well as the ability to operate in very low temperatures. This radio is also capable of video recording.

Discover IRC590

Inrico TM-7 Plus

This is a mobile PoC radio that can be equipped in any work vehicle. It can also be equipped on desks for convergent dispatch. When equipped in a vehicle, that vehicle can also be tracked using this radio's GPS feature.

Discover TM-7 Plus

Equipping every member of your staff with an Inrico portable PoC radio can increase your business efficiency tremendously, as they can communicate with each other at the simple push of a button, making work a breeze.

1-Wire D-Shape Earpiece

1-wire earpieces is a much needed accessory for your PoC radio. This earpiece has a d-shape that enables it to fit the ear perfectly without shaking off. With only one earpiece, it enables the worker to stay constantly in the loop, while also staying conscious of their immediate environment with the other ear. The earpiece also has a PTT button, which enables the worker to easily push-to-talk (when the need arises). Follow links below to buy online.

Often times, ski resort workers would be required to communicate with their devices while working at the same time. We offer all the accessories you'll ever need to operate your Inrico PoC radio conveniently. Check with us to see if there's an accessory you need but can't find anywhere else.

Charge multiple PoC radios at the same time with Inrico multi-charger for T522A

Coordinate effectively with Inrico Dispatch Console and iConvNet

Inrico PoC radios can be seamlessly paired with your PTT app of choice. However, PTT Apps are made by different companies, and may not have been tested for optimum functionality with Inrico PoC radios. Inrico Canada recommends, iConvNet, as it has been fully tested with all the Inrico PoC radios we offer. Follow links below to learn more:

Some useful features you get when using iConvNet with Inrico Dispatch Console are as follows:

Instant one to one or one to many (group) communications

With iConvNet installed in your PoC radio, its core functionality is to enable push-to-talk (or PTT) with your assigned groups. You can also make temporary calls with individuals in your company outside of your group limits. All communications can be done in a rich manner, including: text, voice, and video.

SOS alarm

At the simple push of a button, every member of your PoC network will be alerted in the event of an emergency. This feature also allows the device in the SOS state to be effectively tracked by GPS data - visible on the dispatcher's screen, as well as on the devices of your team members to allow better coordination with emergency services. iConvNet also allows your device to be setup for man-down situations such that your device SOS alarm is automatically initiated when your phone falls to the ground or is inactive after a specified amount of time.

Recording history

Users of Inrico software (including iConvNet and Inrico Dispatch Console) can gain access to recordings of past calls. This is important to enable workers stay in the loop, so that they can replay missed calls, which stay on the system for 30 days before they are automatically deleted.

Video dispatcher

The video dispatcher feature enables members to reach the dispatcher with video calling. This can be useful when workers need to confirm tasks with the dispatcher through video in real time. Just ensure the device used is a model that has a camera. Also note that video dispatcher is only available to Industry Version users.

Geofence alerts

Geofence alerts can be setup to trigger based on GPS location information of member devices. This can be useful for confirming the timestamp of when members arrive or vacate site. The Inrico Dispatch Console, enables you to see a variety of information about the devices in your company's PoC network, allowing better informed decisions.

Inrico Dispatch Console and iConvNet are powerful and intuitive software with a number of useful functionality. We have merely scratched the surface with the aforementioned features. Browse our website to find more useful information. If you would like to discuss more about how Inrico devices and software can help your business grow, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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