Inrico Canada Dealers:

Approved Resellers & Distributor

Shop with an Approved Reseller from the list below, or shop with Canadian Wireless Supply (CWS), an Inrico Canada Approved Distributor. CWS ships to both US and Canada.

Canadian Wireless Supply 

What is: Inrico Canada Approved Reseller and Distributor?

Inrico Canada has a network of trusted partners across the country who are our Approved Resellers. They offer Inrico Canada products locally and provide specialized support for customers in different provinces. You can buy Inrico PoC radios, accessories, software, and other hardware (like Inrico gateway and private servers) from them.

We recommend that you purchase Inrico products from our Approved Resellers or from Inrico Canada’s Approved Distributor. This way, you can trust the source of your purchase and receive assistance in the unlikely event that you encounter any issue with your order.

Where to buy Inrico Products in Canada

We recommend purchasing Inrico products from our Approved Resellers or, for business purchases of certain products, directly from Inrico Canada's Approved Distributor. This way you can be sure that you’re buying from a reputable source and that you’ll receive support in the unlikely event of any issue with your order.

Alberta Resellers


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