Inrico T320 4G Portable PoC Radio

Reliable & Rigorously Tested handheld PTT over Cellular Two Way Radio

The T320 is Inrico’s flagship PoC Radio designed with users in mind. It is the most widely used product in our portfolio having undergone the most rigorous reliability tests. This is a rugged two way radio with a compact design.

The Inrico T320 is a cellular radio that functions like a walkie talkie, leveraging the cellular network as a repeater! Enjoy seamless communication, from hand-held to hand-held or hand-held to mobile, worldwide.

Simply insert a SIM card or connect via WiFi for easy usage. With Apps like iConvNet, Zello & Teamspeak, enjoy private conversations affordably.

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4G LTE, Global Server Deployment
Video/Voice/Message Communications
Front Camera: 2.0 MP, Rear Camera: 8.0MP
Dual Card
2.4" Touch Display
Wi-Fi, BT
SOS Emergency Button
Rugged, IP54 Water Proof
3500mAh Battery

Accessories for Inrico T320 PoC Radio

Inrico Speaker Microphone


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Inrico Bluetooth Speaker Microphone


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Wirox Medium Duty Speaker Microphone


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Inrico Universal Acoustic Tube Earpiece


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Inrico T320 Desktop Charger


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Inrico Bluetooth PTT Button


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Inrico T320 Multi Charger (or Gang Charger)


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Inrico T320 Leather Case


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Integrate the T320 seamlessly with iConvNet - Inrico-approved nationwide push-to-talk app.

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Inrico T320 PoC Radio Operations and Photo Gallery