Inrico PTT Management Software

Our solutions makes it easy for you to grow bigger in a secure manner

Designed for Enterprise

Inrico's PTT Management platform is designed for you to manage your own Inrico devices on your own. Effortlessly handle your own user and group setups within your Inrico App communication network. Scale up your accounts as your business expands, organize departments with customized PoC radio features, manage billing, and enjoy a host of other functionalities to enhance your operations.

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Smooth Integration

Collaborate with Inrico Canada effortlessly. We will work with you to integrate Inrico PoC radios seamlessly with your LMR (if needed).

Effortless Management

This centralized console can deploy to thousands of users within a day. Set permissions, and easily add or remove accounts as required.

Effortless Scalability

Scaling is a breeze. Deploy unlimited channels on multiple devices. Inrico grows or shrinks according to your needs.

Secure Communications

Speak with confidence. AES256 level encryptions are enabled by default to ensure end-to-end security, protecting your conversations.

Growing or shrinking resources is a breeze with Inrico

When deciding to add more users, the PTT management tool enables quick deployment of PoC radios on your company's private communications network, as well as the ability to connect temporary users with ease, such as sub-contractors and external vendors with minimal to no onboarding. No expensive hardware needed.

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Inrico PTT Management software ensures security and privacy.

End-to-end security

Speak with confidence. AES256 level encryptions are enabled by default to ensure end-to-end security that protects your conversations.

Secure groups (or channels)

Establish exclusive channels for managers, guaranteeing that only intended individuals within teams can connect, This prevents unauthorized access to your network.

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Are you prepared to embark on a nationwide PTT journey? The power of Inrico push-to-talk awaits! Our smart and expandable solutions offer instant push-to-talk voice communications, rich data features, as well as easy integrations to your existing LMR/PMR network. Reach out to us for sales inquiries or for a demo before you buy.

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