A-Z of Inrico PoC Radio Industry Applications

Learn about all the types of professionals who can benefit from Inrico's Push to talk over Cellular radio (PoC) products and services.


Facilitate smooth operations and passenger services. Details coming soon

Boat Rentals

Maintain communication across boats, boat services, and docks. Details coming soon

Construction Workers

Stay connected across large sites with robust communication and safety features. Details

Emergency Services

Utilize instant, dependable communication in critical situations. Details coming soon

Event Coordination

Ensure smooth operations and immediate responses during events. Details coming soon


Coordinate farming activities and manage staff efficiently. Details coming soon

Film Making

Ensure smooth production and backstage operations. Details coming soon

Flag People

Maintaining safety and order with clear, reliable communication. Details 

Golf Courses

Coordinate groundskeeping and manage events smoothly. Details

Healthcare Providers

Facilitate rapid communication between medical staff for better patient care. Details coming soon


Provide superior guest services with quick internal communication. Details coming soon

IT Support Staff

Provide immediate support and maintain team communication. Details coming soon


Improve team coordination and project management. Details coming soon


Coordinate deliveries and track shipments efficiently with real-time updates. Details coming soon

Municipal Workers

Streamline city services and public works communication. Details coming soon


Enhance production line communication and safety. Details coming soon

Park Services

Stay connected in remote areas for better safety and coordination. Details coming soon

Police & Public Safety Officials

Maintain order and safety with reliable communication tools. Details coming soon

Private Security

Enhance security with instant, reliable communication for quick response. Details

Transportation & Fleet Coordinators

Manage fleet operations and driver communication effortlessly. Details coming soon

Real Estate Agents

Improve client communication and team coordination. Details coming soon


Manage store operations and team coordination seamlessly. Details coming soon

School Administrators

Ensure campus safety and efficient coordination among staff. Details coming soon

Ski Resorts

Enhance guest services and safety with dependable communication.  Details

Snow Removal

Efficiently manage operations and ensure timely responses. Details

Sports Coordination

Facilitate seamless communication for sporting events and team management. Details coming soon

Telecommunications Technicians

Facilitate installation and maintenance operations with reliable communication. Details coming soon

Tour Guides

Provide enhanced customer experiences with clear communication. Details coming soon

Utility Workers

Coordinate maintenance and emergency responses efficiently. Details coming soon


Streamline inventory management and staff coordination. Details coming soon