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Flag people play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and smooth flow of traffic during construction and roadwork. Effective communication is essential for managing traffic, coordinating with other workers, and responding quickly to emergencies. Inrico PoC radios provide a reliable, durable, and easy-to-use solution for flag people, offering nationwide connectivity and robust features.

Communication Challenges Faced by Flag People

Flag people often face challenges such as:

  1. Communicating over long distances
  2. Coordinating with multiple team members
  3. Managing unpredictable traffic conditions
  4. Ensuring quick response to emergencies.

How Inrico PoC Radios Can Help

Inrico PoC radios address these challenges by offering:

  1. Nationwide Connectivity: Maintain clear communication across large construction sites and remote areas.
  2. Durable Construction: Rugged build ensures the radios withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling.
  3. Instant Communication: Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature allows quick and easy communication without dialing numbers.
  4. Safety Features: SOS button and man down alerts ensure rapid response in case of emergencies.

Recommended Inrico PoC Radios for Flag People

Inrico T522A

Rugged and straightforward simplistic design, perfect for distraction-free operations, as device has no screen.

Discover T522A

Inrico T620

Compact and lightweight with a durable build, perfect for all-day use in tough environments.

Discover T620

Inrico T320

A touch screen PoC radio offering an enhanced user experience. Its screen allows you to view the GPS locations of team members on a map.

Discover T320

Each of these radios is designed to meet the specific needs of flag people, enhancing their ability to manage traffic and ensure safety effectively.

Recommended Inrico PoC Radio Accessories for Flag People Safety and Productivity

 Ensure you are using ONLY accessories that are compatible with your PoC radio. If you're ever in doubt of how to pair your Inrico PoC radio with its compatible accessory, please reach out to us for directions.

Wirox Medium Duty Speaker Microphone

Enables easy Push To Talk (PTT) operations without the need to grab the radio. This speaker microphone comes clips that make it easy to place on any outfit for convenient usage.

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Wirox Inrico Universal D-Shape 1 Wire Earpiece

Also enables simple PTT operations without the need to grab the radio. This accessory is a must have for power users who need to listen all the time in noisy environments.

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Inrico 8-Way PoC Radio Multi Chargers

Inrico multi chargers will aid the seamless simultaneous charging of up to 8 Inrico PoC radios at the same time. This can also simplify your radio deployment processes.

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Recommended Inrico PoC Software for Flag People

PoC radios operate using software known as PTT Apps. While there are many reliable options available, none are better suited for Inrico PoC radios than iConvNet. Designed specifically for Inrico devices, iConvNet ensures frequent updates and unparalleled stability, making it the ideal choice for maximizing the performance of your Inrico PoC radios.

iConvNet PTT App

Download, subscribe and get talking with iConvNet where communication knows no bounds. iConvNet is a PoC radio PTT app recommended for use with Inrico PoC radios to enable its core PTT functionality.

Need to confirm personnel checkpoints? Just say the word. Seeking to verify guest information? Consider it done. With text, photo, and video features at your fingertips, Inrico is your A to Z communication partner, making sure your team is connected effortlessly.

Discover iConvNet to subscribe or request a free demo of the app before you make a decision.

Discover iConvNet

iConvNet delivers the following relevant features for your business operations:

  • Enjoy instant PTT calls: The core function of iConvNet PTT App, enabling seamless one-to-one or one-to-many communication.
  • One-touch SOS button: get quick access to help when needed.
  • Replay Messages: Whether voice or videos or text, never miss a beat. With iConvNet, you can replay missed PTT messages on the go.
  • Dispatch intelligently: iConvNet delivers access to Inrico dispatch where you can coordinate all PoC radio users in a unified way.
  • Intelligent Safety Settings: Using iConvNet along with your Inrico PoC radio, your one-touch SOS button can be easily used to alert all team members immediately there's an incident.
Using iConvNet, "Man Down" and "Static" alerts can be setup where an alarm can be intelligently and automatically activated when a personnel is in trouble. For instance, the alarm can automatically be activated when a personnel falls down or has been on the same spot for longer than a specified amount of time.

iConvNet Dispatch Software

The Inrico Dispatch Platform functions as a centralized push-to-talk dispatch solution that intelligently distributes calls, assisting dispatchers in efficiently managing tasks and providing rapid support to the frontline.

Discover iConvNet Dispatch

4. Inrico DR10

The secure internet gateway of the DR10 not only facilitates the expansion of a hybrid communication system but also protects previous investments in traditional DMR/Analog two way radio equipment, allowing you to merge UHF/VHF radio networks with PoC radio networks.

The Inrico DR10 also helps to expand the range of UHF/VHF radios, allowing you to reach further distances.

Discover Inrico DR10

Exceptional benefits of Choosing iConvNet

Instant one to one or one to many (group) communications

With iConvNet installed in your PoC radio, its core functionality is to enable push-to-talk (or PTT) with your assigned groups. You can also make temporary calls with individuals in your company outside of your group limits. All communications can be done in a rich manner, including: text, voice, and video.

SOS alarm

At the simple push of a button, every member of your PoC network will be alerted in the event of an emergency. This feature also allows the device in the SOS state to be effectively tracked by GPS data - visible on the dispatcher's screen, as well as on the devices of your team members to allow better coordination with emergency services. iConvNet also allows your device to be setup for man-down situations such that your device SOS alarm is automatically initiated when your phone falls to the ground or is inactive after a specified amount of time.

Recording history

Users of Inrico software (including iConvNet and Inrico Dispatch Console) can gain access to recordings of past calls. This is important to enable workers stay in the loop, so that they can replay missed calls, which stay on the system for 30 days before they are automatically deleted.

Video dispatcher

The video dispatcher feature enables members to reach the dispatcher with video calling. This can be useful when workers need to confirm tasks with the dispatcher through video in real time. Just ensure the device used is a model that has a camera. Also note that video dispatcher is only available to Industry Version users.

Geofence alerts

Geofence alerts can be setup to trigger based on GPS location information of member devices. This can be useful for confirming the timestamp of when members arrive or vacate site. The Inrico Dispatch Console, enables you to see a variety of information about the devices in your company's PoC network, allowing better informed decisions.

For more information on how Inrico PoC radios can benefit flag people, contact us today. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the right radio for your needs. You can also click the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen to speak with a representative during business hours.

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