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Get nationwide cellular connectivity along with all the apps and software for your PoC radio needs. Get a SIM card and get talking!

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Simplified plans and bundles for your PoC radios

Inrico PoC radios can be used with Wi-Fi, but when you're outside Wi-Fi areas, you will need cellular connectivity. At Inrico Canada we make it easy for our users to get nationwide connectivity for any number of PoC radios desired, as well as access to iConvNet.

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Plug and Play

Our SIM cards are prepped for immediate use. Just pop them into your PoC radio, and get talking. This also applies if you've ordered cell services with your radio.

Flexible Payments

We have two billing methods for all our PoC radio services. Opt for either monthly or yearly billing, whichever works best to keep your services active.


Our PoC radio services are priced significantly below the average market rates, especially in comparison to smartphone cell services.


Whether ordering PoC radio services for one or a thousand personnel at the same time, Inrico Canada will always be ready to serve you in record time.

Cellular Data + iConvNet

Get stress-free Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) connectivity bundle.

This bundle delivers 500 MB of fast and reliable Cellular Data + iConvNet PTT App license. Get this simple setup for as many PoC radios as you need.

Once ordered, your SIM card(s) will be couriered, and licence keys will be sent to you. Our SIM cards and licenses are prepped for immediate use. Just pop the SIM into your PoC radio, and enter the license keys into the downloaded iConvNet app to get talking. This also applies if you've ordered this easy bundle along with your radio.

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Optimize workflow coordination: Get iConvNet Dispatch for coordinating teams from one desk station, accessible via PC software or browser.

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iConvNet - PTT App (Alone)

Get Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality for your PoC radios.

Once ordered, your app license key will sent to you, allowing you to begin operating the iConvNet PTT app. You only need to enter this license key during login to the app. iConvNet is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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iConvNet - Dispatch (Alone)

Streamline your workflows with Inrico's centralized PTT dispatch solution.

iConvNet Dispatch assists dispatchers in efficiently managing tasks, while providing rapid support to the frontline. Get intelligent distribution of tasks via PTT calls, scheduled broadcasts, multi-media messages and task assignments.

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Cellular Service (Alone)

Get 500 MB of fast and reliable Cellular Data for your PoC radio at affordable rates.

Inrico Canada provides cell services so you can easily get all your PoC radio needs from one place. Cell services from all our dealers are offered at very affordable rates, and are ready to use upon receipt. No activations needed.

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Dealer Promotions

Buy an Inrico PoC radio: Get 2 months FREE Cell data + iConvNet PTT App


Effective March 1, 2024 - all new Inrico PoC radios purchased from participating dealerships will be eligible for FREE cellular data + iConvNet PTT app for the first two months.

Eligible products

Subscribe for 1 year of Cell data + iConvNet PTT App: Get 3 months FREE


Everyone is included! Even current users of Inrico PoC radios can benefit. Sign up for a one-year term of cell data + iConvNet PTT app + Dispatch, get three months FREE.

Eligible products

Subscription Plans

Opt for monthly or yearly subscription:


Get 3 months FREE when you choose yearly subscription. Applies to PoC Cellular Services, iConvNet PTT app. and Dispatch.


Alternatively, you can also get an easy month-to-month payment plan, which you can cancel anytime.

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Are you prepared to embark on nationwide PTT journey? The power of Inrico push-to-talk awaits! Our smart and expandable solutions offer instant push-to-talk voice communications, rich data features, as well as easy integrations to your existing LMR/PMR network. Reach out to us for sales inquiries or for a demo before you buy.

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