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Everything you need to know about using Inrico PoC radios

To use your Inrico 4G PoC radio (portable or mobile): You will need to connect it to either Wi-Fi or cellular network. Additionally, you will need to subscribe to a PTT app service to activate its PTT functionality. Inrico Canada offers everything you need, including: cellular connectivity and PTT app supports to help you get the full functionality of your Inrico PoC radios. Get started on your Inrico journey by contacting us or requesting a demo to try before you buy.

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Inrico Canada provides everything you need to start your PoC radio journey.

Get: PoC Radios (with their compatible accessories) + Cellular Connectivity + PTT App (with Dispatch).

Here's how it works

Select PoC radio

Choose from the 11 Inrico 4G mobile and portable PoC radios we have available. Note: mobile is best for dispatch.

Get Cellular Connectivity

While all Inrico PoC radios come with Wifi, you will need cellular if your radios will be going farther. We can help.

Get iConvNet PTT App

PTT app subscription provides PTT functionality for your PoC radio. Choose iConvNet as it works best with Inrico. 

Get Delivered

If you subscribed to our cellular and iConvNet PTT app services, you will receive your selected device(s) with those services operational.

Want PoC radios that are ready to use upon delivery?

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Inrico Platform Architecture

Explore the diagram below to visualize Inrico's platform architecture. It showcases the seamless interactions between all functioning components within Inrico's communication network, including all the solutions offered by Inrico Canada.

IMPORTANT: With Inrico, your server + cloud gateway is unique to you, and protected with an AES-256 Encryption to ensure you the highest level of protection.

You can merge PoC radios with a commercial two way radio network

Inrico DR10 not only facilitates the expansion of a hybrid communication system but also protects previous investments in traditional DMR/Analog two way radio equipment.

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Inrico PoC application scenarios

Inrico PoC supports real-time PTT call, video call and text messaging. Real-time dispatching is made easy and secure for various scenarios. It significantly improves the safety of field staff and the efficiency of coordination with remote teams.

Here are examples of some key application scenarios for Inrico products:

Real-time communication for field teams

PoC radios ensure instant connectivity among field teams, enabling supervisors to relay instructions, address issues, and coordinate tasks efficiently.

Logistics and transportation

PoC radios streamline communication between drivers, dispatchers, and warehouse staff, enhancing logistics efficiency and reducing delivery delays.

Construction sites

PoC radios provide construction teams with seamless communication, allowing project managers to monitor progress, address safety concerns, and manage resources effectively.

Healthcare facilities

PoC radios support quick communication among medical staff, nurses, and security personnel, ensuring prompt responses to emergencies and patient care.

Security and surveillance

PoC radios play a crucial role in security operations, enabling security teams to coordinate patrols, respond to incidents, and maintain a safe environment.

Remote site


PoC radios facilitate communication with remote or isolated sites, allowing businesses to stay updated on site conditions, safety protocols, and progress.

Event management

PoC radios aid event organizers in coordinating security, staff, and emergency response teams, ensuring smooth event operations and enhanced attendee safety.

Hospitality industry

PoC radios enable swift communication between hotel staff, improving guest service, room turnover, and overall guest satisfaction.

Manufacturing plants

PoC radios enhance communication between production lines, maintenance teams, and supervisors, streamlining production processes and minimizing downtime.

Retail environments

PoC radios facilitate communication among store associates, enabling them to respond to customer inquiries, restock shelves, and manage inventory efficiently.

Whether renting or buying, we can help!

Rentals come with everything you need to get talking with PTT in every package, including: cellular + iConvNet PTT app.

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Why Choose Inrico Canada

Why Choose Inrico Canada

We make your PoC radio journey easier than ever.

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We keep our prices low so you can keep your margins high and make some serious $$$. Our products and services are very affordable for all business types.

Grow your business

Inrico Canada has all the tools you need to scale up - effortlessly adding new users and functionality all from one station. Simply add PoC radios and scale as you wish.

Comprehensive Selection

Get everything you need to run your own secure PoC radio network from Inrico Canada. From devices to software to all the accessories you will ever need.

Get Nationwide Push-to-Talk Services

Get Nationwide Push-to-Talk Services

Explore our straightforward and budget-friendly cellular connectivity plans designed for any business. Check out the available plans along with their features. Once you've chosen a plan, get in touch with one of our dealers or contact us to arrange a dealer for you.

Inrico cellular plans

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