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With our PoC radios and accessories, you can enjoy reliable and affordable connectivity for all. Whether you need portable or mobile PoC devices, we have you covered. Learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

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Our PoC platforms and console are the seamless and complete solution for improving your communications ecosystem. We support software for Android, iOS, Windows, or browser-based accessibility, with regular updates for the best functionality.

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Our sales and technical support assistants are available to assist you in finding the best solutions for your communications, enabling you or your business to enjoy the advantages of wide-area push-to-talk technology from the Inrico portfolio.

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Rentals come with everything you need to get talking with PTT in every package, including: cellular + iConvNet PTT app.

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Inrico PoC Application Scenarios

Our products and services are applicable to all the industry professionals who rely on wireless communications to carry out their tasks safely, effectively and efficiently. As a one-stop shop for all your PoC radio communications needs, Inrico Canada remains committed to improving your communications network with products and services that are critical to your business success.

A worker who has direct instant communications to their supervisor is able to fulfil their tasks with better guidance and more clarity, which in-turn helps the bottom-line of the business. Check out some of the various commercial applications of our PoC solutions along with some key features and functions of our PoC solutions.








Why Inrico Canada

Real-time communication for field teams

PoC radios ensure instant connectivity among field teams, enabling supervisors to relay instructions, address issues, and coordinate tasks efficiently.

Logistics and transportation

PoC radios streamline communication between drivers, dispatchers, and warehouse staff, enhancing logistics efficiency and reducing delivery delays.

Construction sites

PoC radios provide construction teams with seamless communication, allowing project managers to monitor progress, address safety concerns, and manage resources effectively.

Healthcare facilities

PoC radios support quick communication among medical staff, nurses, and security personnel, ensuring prompt responses to emergencies and patient care.

Security and surveillance

PoC radios play a crucial role in security operations, enabling security teams to coordinate patrols, respond to incidents, and maintain a safe environment.

Remote site monitoring

PoC radios facilitate communication with remote or isolated sites, allowing businesses to stay updated on site conditions, safety protocols, and progress.

Event management

PoC radios aid event organizers in coordinating security, staff, and emergency response teams, ensuring smooth event operations and enhanced attendee safety.

Hospitality industry

PoC radios enable swift communication between hotel staff, improving guest service, room turnover, and overall guest satisfaction.

Manufacturing plants

PoC radios enhance communication between production lines, maintenance teams, and supervisors, streamlining production processes and minimizing downtime.

Retail environments

PoC radios facilitate communication among store associates, enabling them to respond to customer inquiries, restock shelves, and manage inventory efficiently.

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Are you prepared to embark on a nationwide PTT journey? The power of Inrico push-to-talk awaits! Our smart and expandable solutions offer instant push-to-talk voice communications, rich data features, as well as easy integrations to your existing LMR/PMR network. Reach out to us for sales inquiries or for a demo before you buy.

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