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Inrico DR10 not only facilitates the expansion of a hybrid communication system but also protects previous investments in traditional DMR/Analog two way radio equipment. A DR10 Gateway device can do two things:

  1. Acts as a repeater for your existing commercial two way radio network, which expands the range of your communications.
  2. Merges your commercial two way radio network with a PoC radio network, so you can have both PoC radios and traditional two way radios on the same network.

Inrico DR10 Gateway is available in UHF and VHF options.

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4G LTE, Global Server Deployment
Wi-Fi, BT, LAN Access
2.5" Touch Display
Video/Voice/Message Communication
GPS Positioning

Accessories for the Inrico DR10 Gateway

Inrico DR10 GPS Antenna


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Inrico DR10 Power Adapter


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Inrico DR10 Cellular Antenna (4G)


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PoC & LMR Hybrid Convergence

The Inrico DR10 Gateway hardware system solves the problem of information and packet losses resulting from inefficient data transmissions normally experienced in a hybrid network. Check out this video for details on how this powerful hardware supports the seamless integration of DMR, PoC and Analogue radio systems into one communications network. 

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Inrico DR10 Key Features

Device ID Viewing

With the Inrico DR-10 private gateway, you can connect LMR and PoC devices seamlessly. This secure internet gateway helps you to build a hybrid communication system while preserving your existing investments. The device enables you to see the caller ID of the person you are talking to within a group, whether they use PoC or DMR devices.

VHF Model  UHF Model

Voice Transmissions Via Signalling Protocol

The DR10 secure internet gateway uses signaling protocol technology to make message transmission more effective.

Unlike most of the gateway products in the market that collect and transfer voice messages, which can take more time and cause message loss, the DR10 radio gateway simplifies the process and makes voice transmission more efficient and complete.

VHF Model  UHF Model

Learning Resources

Enhancing PTT Connectivity In High Rise Buildings - link

Inrico DR10 Gateway slashes oil and gas customer's monthly expenses by 98% - from $15,000 to $250 - link

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Inrico DR10 Technical Specifications


Model DR10
US VersionGSM: B2, B5
WCDMA: B1, B2, B4, B5

FDD-LTE: B1, B2, B4, B5, B7, B12, B13, B17, B28A, B28B
Wi-Fi WIFI 2.4G&5G Dual Band
Locations GPS,AGPS


Operating System
Android 7.0


CPU MT6737
Memory 1GB(RAM)+8GB(ROM)
SIM card slot
Dual Micro-SIM card
USB Ports USB 2.0
Display 2.45 inch,IPS, G + F Single Touch screen

LMR Specifications

VHF(136-174MHz)/ UHF (403-470MHz)
Output Power
VHF: 1-25W; UHF: 1-25W
Channel Spacing
12.5khz, 20khz, 25khz

Physical Specifications

Dimension ( H x W x D )
234 x 144 x 235mm
Working Temperature
-20°C ~ 80°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C

Inrico PoC Application Scenarios

Empowering workers with direct and instant communications to their supervisors fosters improved task fulfillment, offering clearer guidance that positively impacts the bottom-line of the business.








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