What is a PoC radio?

Push-to-talk over Cellular radios (PoC radios) explained

"PoC" stands for "Push-to-talk over Cellular." A PoC radio is therefore a communications device that combines the Push-To-Talk (PTT) capability of two way radios with cellular connectivity. Alternative names for PoC radios include: LTE Radios, Cellular Walkie Talkies, Network Radios, LTE Two-Way Radios, IP Radios (Internet Protocol Radios), and so on. Once you get the logic behind the name, you can pretty much call yourself a PoC radio expert. We say this because PoC radios are pretty much like smartphones with a designated PTT button. Yes, it's almost that easy for anyone to pick up a PoC radio and begin using it. Just push-to-talk!

Like traditional two way radios, PoC radios also typically come in two distinct designs: portable and mobile options.

Portable PoC radios

For handheld operation. Fit for various types of industrial and team-based applications. Includes rugged options for extreme work environments. Uses batteries.

Portable PoC radios

Mobile PoC radios

For all vehicular operations, including commercial vehicles. Usually come with it's own supported microphone. Gets power from the vehicle.

Mobile PoC radios

Inrico DR10 Gateway

Merges a PoC radio network with an LMR network to enable VHF/UHF radios talk with PoC radios on the same secure network so you can protect your investment. 

DR10 Gateway

What can a PoC radio do?

More than the obvious descriptions presented above, PoC radios do so much more than serve as mere two way radio communicators, with advancements in technology that bring immense benefits and utility.

PoC radios enable you to connect with your team through both cellular or Wi-Fi. This means that you can seamlessly switch between modes of connectivity. Either you use the abundant cellular 4G network, a nearby Wi-Fi or even hotspot from your smartphone.

PoC radios support live GPS records of user activity (if enabled). A variety of tracking features can be enabled to gain useful data for better-informed management decisions.

PoC radios give you access to dispatch apps and PC management infrastructure for easy deployment and remote device management. This grants you access to load important functionality to the PoC radios on your network remotely. You can also get a variety of important data about the devices on your network. For instance: geo-fencing will enable you to see on the map when your team members enter or exit a predefined area on a map. Dispatch allows you to effectively manage your team in a unified way, from one desk station.

PoC radios mostly work with Android and iOS, the most widely used Operating Systems (OS) in the world for portable devices. This means that you have access to a variety of helpful apps you can use to reinforce your communications. For instance, Zello is an app that can be installed into any smartphone or PoC radio device. Learn about how Inrico PoC radios integrate with Zello.

You can merge PoC radios with a commercial two way radio network to allow your VHF and UHF radios talk on the same network. This is made possible using the Inrico DR10 gateway. The Inrico DR10 not only facilitates the expansion of a hybrid communication system but also protects previous investments in traditional DMR/Analog two way radio equipment.

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Maximizing the Capabilities of Your PoC Radio

PoC radios are quite like smartphones with a major twist. They come with their own built-in PTT button, as well as a variety of features unique to the brand and configured for their recommended PTT apps. Ensure you use recommended PTT apps with your PoC radio, as this is how you will get the most out of your PoC radio. We will try to explain this further.

For instance, all Inrico PoC radios come with an SOS buttons, which will work seamlessly while using iConvNet (Inrico-recommended PTT app). Inrico PoC radios can also be operated using other PTT apps like Zello, which will enable you to map and use the PTT button on the Inrico PoC radio, as well as use all the features Zello has to offer. But the SOS button on the Inrico device will not work on the Inrico PoC radio. This is because Zello is a different company, which may not have configured their app to integrate seamlessly with the app. While this may change, Inrico has no control over how Zello integrates with Inrico devices. This is why at Inrico Canada, we always recommend iConvNet to customers, as the app has been configured to work seamlessly with Inrico PoC radios - with regular updates that ensure the stability of Inrico devices. Using iConvNet, the SOS button and all other buttons will work on your Inrico PoC radios.

Maximize the capability of your Inrico PoC radio by using iConvnet (Inrico PTT App). This app will give you everything you need to run the most intelligent communications network possible in the 21st century. Some features include: zone call, SOS alarm, geo fencing, patrol reports, temporary calls, etc.

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