Enhancing PTT Connectivity In High Rise Buildings


In the bustling world of business, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. However, when faced with the challenge of maintaining seamless communication in high-rise buildings, even the most robust radio infrastructures can falter. Join us as we delve into a real-life scenario where a customer encountered communication hurdles in their towering workplace and explore the innovative solution that revolutionized their connectivity.

The Challenge

  • The customer's business is situated in a tall building with the warehouse team located on the ground floor and the logistics team on the 30th floor.
  • Existing commercial two-way radio infrastructure struggles to maintain effective communication with personnel on the top floor due to limited range and interference issues.

The Solution

  • Upon approaching Inrico Canada with their communication challenges, we proposed implementing the Inrico DR10.
  • The Inrico DR10 would integrate the customer's existing commercial two-way radio network with new Inrico PoC radios provided to members of the logistics team and those on affected floors.

The Result

  • Integration of the Inrico DR10 Gateway effectively merged the customer's commercial two-way radio network, preserving their previous investment.
  • This solution enabled seamless communication for all team members, eliminating range limitations and interference issues.
  • The hybrid system provided the most cost-effective resolution to the communication problem, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

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