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If you've ever used a two way radio, you're probably aware of the immense advantages that comes with being able to instantly communicate with your team members. Click to Discover the Power of Push-to-talk (PTT). However, the traditional two way radio (also sometimes called "walkie talkie") is limited by range, since these radios will allow you to connect with other two way radios that are nearby and on the same channel.

A PoC radio on the other hand is not limited by range. They allow you to connect to other PoC radios using the abundant cellular networks available throughout the country. This means that with a PoC radio, you can harness the power of PTT anywhere in the country while using a cellular network or even Wi-Fi.

At the core of all PoC radios is the ability to transmit voice, text and GPS data using cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

Canadian Cellular Coverage Map

Take a look at the map below to see where you can use Inrico PoC radios in Canada. Coverage may vary depending on the provider you choose to use for your connectivity.

Using Inrico PoC radios, you can gain instant communications anywhere that is highlighted in green colour shown in the coverage map above.

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Inrico Canada provides everything you need to run a successful PoC radio network. Any one of our dealers will be able to help.

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Nationwide Cellular Connectivity Plans From Inrico Canada

Explore our straightforward and budget-friendly cellular connectivity plans designed for any business. Check out the available plans along with their features. Once you've chosen a plan, get in touch with one of our dealers or contact us to arrange a dealer for you.

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Cellular Data Only

  • Get 500 MB of Canada-wide data.
  • Get a SIM card - shipped to you
  • Payable per month per device (cancel anytime)

Cellular Data + PTT App

  • Get 500 MB of Canada-wide data.
  • Get license to use iConvNet PTT app
  • Get a SIM card - shipped to you
  • Payable per month per device (cancel anytime)

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