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You need these 3 Components for a functional Inrico PoC radio

Inrico Canada supplies and supports all the components you need to operate a PoC radio network. Empower your team with Inrico Canada's wholesome communications solutions.

To harness the PTT capability of any PoC radio, you'll require a PTT App and a seamless connectivity solution. Inrico Canada makes it easy for you to adopt a PoC radio network by offering all necessary components and technical assistance, freeing you to focus on your business without communications concerns. Inrico empowers you to "Speak freely – we handle the rest."

Learn everything about how Inrico works 

Inrico Canada supplies and supports all the components you need to operate a PoC radio network. Empower your team with Inrico Canada's wholesome communications solutions.

Learn everything about how Inrico works 

Inrico Devices

Empower your team with the smartest way to work, and the fastest way to communicate in Canada today.

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Portable PoC Radios

Affordable easy-to-use communication devices that offer instantaneous push-to-talk (or PTT) one-to-one and one-to-many voice transmissions, while enabling rich data transmissions.

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Mobile PoC Radios

Enables users to work more efficiently. Can be mounted on desks or in vehicles. Comes with versatile functions.

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PoC Accessories

We're carry products that improve the utility and convenience of your PoC terminals, as well as spare parts for making easy repairs and retrofits as needed.

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Inrico DR10 PoC Gateway

Expanding your communications network doesn't have to involve the overhaul of valuable infrastructure and devices. Inrico offers hardware that support the expansion of your communications network while protecting previous investments.

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Try the Inrico App for Free - Request Demo

Get ready for more than just push-to-talk! With Inrico's awesome PTT App, you get unlimited and secure private channels, and crystal clear broadcasts using cell networks and Wi-Fi. No need for fancy gear or expensive tower leases - everyone gets to have their say without blowing the budget! It's time to get chatting with Inrico's PTT App!

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The Inrico App fits your way of working

Individual or Group Calls and Messages

Inrico ensures you're always heard, whether it's a group chat or a one-on-one conversation, making work smoother.

SOS and Emergency Plan

Prioritizing safety in communication, the app features an SOS button, streamlining emergency planning.

Intelligent Map Dispatch

Stay in the loop with live map updates to keep dispatch informed and workers on track.

Message Replay - Never miss a thing

Replay messages whenever needed, allowing workers to focus entirely on the current task.

PTT Management Solutions

Access comprehensive controls of the Inrico devices on your PoC network. And the best part? Our user-friendly deployment process takes mere seconds, regardless of your team's size.

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Are you prepared for Innovation Rich Communications? Our smart and expandable solutions offer instant push-to-talk voice communication, as well as easy integrations to your existing LMR network. Reach out to us for a demo. We'll guide you through and demonstrate how we can assist you.

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